Hannah Muzzy
Currently, Hannah Muzzy (harp) wears many hats besides music maker: wife and homemaker, mother to seven boys and one girl, home-schooling teacher, gardener, worship leader, social occasion organizer for her friends and family, to name a few. She also always has a DIY project either half-made or half-dreamed and half a dozen books partly read. She desires to live life with the love of truth and the Giver of truth at the center. Fortunately, Jesus gives grace for all her shortcomings! The first part of her life journey took her from Idaho where she was born, down to Guatemala, Central America, and furthest down to Australia and then Argentina as a child of missionaries. The experiences were rich and she heard lots of local homegrown music in those places, giving her a love for Latin rhythms and for folk tunes from the British Isles whence many Australians trace their ancestry. Hannah began piano lessons at age six, but THEN at fourteen she saw a picture of the harp in a book about musical instruments and just knew she had to play that instrument! Her mom reminded her that missionaries can't buy harps, but she countered that missionaries know how to pray; a year later she had her first harp, a small folk harp! It was a wonderful experience of learning to work hard for something, pray and trust for something, and have the sweet memory of the miracles that led to getting that harp. Hannah's harp studies were led by Alexandria Shepherd of Melbourne, Australia, Alice Giles at the Australian National University Conservatory of Music and Dora Zenobi of Cordoba, Argentina. Hannah has enjoyed playing harp for numerous private functions and concerts including with Memphis Symphony, Masterworks Festival Orchestra, various choirs and especially with her husband Jake across the US and on tour in Argentina. Since meeting Jake at a music festival in Indiana and marrying him in 2005, they have made their homes in Memphis TN, Chicago's western suburbs, Florida’s west coast, and now back to Chicagoland.